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The Workforce and Program Analysis Platform (WPAP) provides a dynamic analytics resource that converts Ohio Professional Registry (OPR) data and Ohio Department of Job and Family Services records into anonymized, aggregated dashboards.

The dashboards allow for the review and analysis of workforce and program turnover, churn, and retention in early childhood education (ECE) at an ecosystem level across multiple available variables. These variables include County, Beale Code, ZIP Code (Programs Dashboard only), Program Type, Public Funding agreements at the program, Program Step-Up-To-Quality Rating, Capacity (Programs Dashboard only), Job Title (Professionals Dashboard only), Duration in the ECE Workforce/of Program operation, and Educational Attainment (Professionals Dashboard only).

Visual frameworks are designed and embedded to view these data through longitudinal, geographic, scale, career progression, compensation, or workplace characteristics lenses. The data pipeline for professional level data (workforce-based data from the OPR) allows for improvements, verifications, and corrections that are continually performed to the OPR to be reflected in monthly dashboard updates.