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How to Find Training Search

The Ohio Professional Registry provides a training search to find and register for professional development opportunities.

Training that meets the Ohio Approval requirements and non-Ohio Approved offerings submitted to the OPR are included in the search. Your initial search is either Online or Face-to-Face and then you can filter using the options on the search page. Use the Advanced Options to narrow the results of your training search. Find a training, click on the title and the training details will display a description of the training, time and location, instructor and event details.

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How to Find Training FAQs

I registered for an online training. How do I access it?

If the event is a state-sponsored event (state agency, OCCRRA), there will be a blue “Access Training” button. This button is accessible from your profile and the Training Details page.

Access the Training Details page by clicking the “View” button that appears to the right of the event name in your profile. For PD events sponsored by other training organizations, access information should be available on the Training Details page. If it is not, contact the sponsoring organization. Their contact information is also included on the Training Details. OCCRRA is not responsible for providing access information.

I registered for and completed a training that was listed in the OPR. How do I get attendance verified in my profile?

Attendance verification for training posted in the OPR is completed by the instructor of the training session. The instructor has 14 days to complete the attendance verification in the OPR. Attendance verification will be added to the Professional Development tab in your profile. The OPR does not accept any certificates or in-service forms for any training posted in the OPR.

I attended a training in the OPR and do not have attendance in my profile more than 14 days after I completed the training. How do I get attendance for this training?

If your attendance has not been added to your Professional Development tab in your profile after 14 days, you will need to contact the training organization or instructor. The contact information for the training organization is available to you by clicking on the “VIEW” button on the specific training in your Professional Development tab. Once you are on the training description, scroll down to Event Information to find the sponsor’s name and phone number.

I am taking an online training in the OPR and I am stuck on a slide in the training or I did not receive credit for training when I completed it.

In order to have a successful experience with an online training in the OPR, please use a supported device (laptop/desktop) and a supported browser (Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome). If you are using the supported device and browser, please contact the Approval Department at support@occrra.org for support.