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Ohio Healthy Minds, Thriving Kids Pre-K:
Helping 3-to-5 year olds in the State of Ohio learn healthy mental health skills!

Created in partnership with the Child Mind Institute and OCCRRA.

Kids and parents can watch these five fun videos, set in the magical world of Hedgehog Land, where kids can follow the stories of our friendly hedgehog characters as they try to solve problems, learn new skills, and have fun together! Each episode, based on social-emotional development research, teaches an important skill to help kids grow and thrive! There’s also important tools for parents, caregivers, and educators too.

Kids can watch and adults can follow along
with the videos and learning
guides below:

For the adults!

OHMTK Caregiver Guide: Children
experience all the same complicated, wonderful, confusing, and big emotions
that adults do. It’s important for them to know that it’s okay to feel all
emotions, including feelings that are pleasant and feelings that are

OHMTK Educator Guide: Educators and the
school setting play an important role in helping preschoolers learn and
practice the skills introduced in the OhioPreschool Healthy Minds, Thriving
Kids Project. This guide provides helpful tips for introducing and reinforcing
the content from each video in the classroom.