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Ohio Early Childhood Mental Health Credential

Early childhood mental health is the social, emotional, and behavioral well-being of children birth through six years and their families. ECMH consultants team with early childhood providers to help them understand and problem-solve challenging child behaviors, both in and out of the program.

Early Childhood Mental Health FAQs

What are the requirements for the Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant credential?

You may review the minimum standards for the ECMH credential here:
Early Childhood Mental Health Credential Guidance   PDF   /   2 Pages

What are the renewal requirements for this credential?

To renew your EMCH credential, one must have attended minimum of 15 hours of training and/or coursework focused on early childhood (birth to age six) in two or more of the ECMH Core Competency Domains within the renewal period. ECMH Core Competencies Domains are Social-Emotional Growth & Development, Family & Community Relations, Assessment, Interventions, and Cultural and Linguistic Competency. To renew, you will also need an updated ECMH Skills Inventory.

Trainings and the updated ECMH Skills Inventory must be verified in the Professional Development section of your profile.

Send an email to credential@occrra.org with your name and OPIN notifying your intent to renew. Your profile will then be reviewed for renewal requirements.