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Program Administrator Organization Dashboard

The Organization Dashboard is a resource that program administrators/directors use to manage the program’s registry information. It is a helpful tool in the program administrators/directors daily work including verifying employment, managing current employees and their schedules and groups. Program Summary and Program Detail reports are also available from the dashboard.

Organization Dashboard FAQs

How do I get access to the Organization Dashboard?

If you did not receive automatic access to the program’s Organization Dashboard, you may request access by emailing support@occrra.org with your name, OPIN, program name and program license number and written permission from the owner, or verification of requesting person’s name on the program license.


How do I enter my staff’s schedules into the Organization Dashboard?

Please view our resource titled Organization Dashboard Staff Scheduler Tutorial for more information on how to enter staff schedules. The tutorial can be found under the Organization Dashboard Resources to the right of this screen.

An employee(s) is not showing on my current employees tab in the organization dashboard. How do I add the employees?

First, the employee needs to update their employment to select the correct program license number. Once that has been completed, all employees need to be verified from the pending employees section on the front screen of the organization dashboard in order to show on your current employees tab. The administrator can complete this by clicking “Yes” on the pending employees section of the dashboard screen, stating that that employee does work at that program.

The address/name on my Organization Dashboard is not correct. How do I change that information?

The Facility Information on your Organization Dashboard page comes directly from OCLQS. You will need to update any information in OCLQS and wait 24 hours for the update to be made within the OPR Organization Dashboard.

How do I remove Organization Dashboard access to programs I am no longer associated with?

Please contact the Ohio Professional Registry at support@occrra.org to notify the OPR to remove your access to the Organization Dashboard. Please include your name, OPIN and the program license number that needs removed.