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Create OPR Profile Resources

The Ohio Professional Registry (OPR) is Ohio’s workforce registry information system that promotes individual professional growth and development. The OPR captures data about early childhood, child serving agencies and school age professionals in a variety of roles and settings and serves as a comprehensive data repository for employment, professional development, education and credentials.

The OPR empowers individuals to take charge of their professional growth and development based on Ohio’s Career Pathway Model. The OPR offers information about various professional development requirements, links individuals to professional development opportunities, tracks and documents completion of formal education, credentials, and industry specific professional development for their specific role including recognition of professional achievements of the early childhood, child serving agencies and school age workforce.

A professional’s individual data is never identified or reported. Data collected includes demographics, employment, education, qualifications, and participation in professional learning and informs state funders, policy makers, and partners for initiatives such as compensation and retention, quality assurance, workforce supports.

To get started, create a profile, upload your supporting documents and be recognized for your experience, education, credentials and professional development in the Ohio Professional Registry.

Create OPR Profile FAQs

Can I use my mobile device (cell phone/tablet) to use the OPR?

Yes! Beginning September 1st, 2023, the Ohio Professional Registry (OPR) is going mobile! We still suggest that more robust practices like taking a training or completing an application be done on a desktop or laptop device. As a reminder, the OPR performs best when using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

What browser do I need to use to access the OPR?

Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are the recommended internet browsers for use with the OPR website.

How do I update my OPR profile?

You can update/change your name, email address, phone number and account information by logging into your registry profile and clicking on the Account tab. Select the Edit button for each category you’d like to update, make any needed edits and click the save button. Refresh your browser to see the updates in your profile.

How do I reset my password?

You can reset your password by clicking the “Forgot Password” button. Enter your Ohio Personal Identification Number (OPIN) and you will be sent an email with a Code to enter. Once you’ve entered the code, create a new OPR password and click save.

I have two profiles in the OPR. Can they be combined?

Yes, the OPR will be able to merge two profiles in the Ohio Professional Registry (OPR), however not all data is able to be merged. Please contact the Ohio Professional Registry at support@occrra.org, to request a profile merge. It is important to only have one profile, do not make additional profiles, contact the OPR for assistance.

I want to delete my OPR profile. How do I do that?

Please contact the Ohio Professional Registry at support@occrra.org, to request an OPR profile delete.

I have not received the email verification code. What do I do?

You will need to check your spam folder and any preset folders that may be within your email program (example: check the promotions or social folders). We suggest you search for systems@occrra.org within your email box to determine if you’ve received an email from OCCRRA with the code. If you do not receive the code, you will need to use a secondary email address, that you have access to, that a code can be received at.

Create OPR Profile Resources