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Ohio Infant Mental Health Credential

The goal of the Ohio Infant Mental Health Credential is to implement a set of nationally recognized skills and core competencies. These will be developmentally appropriate and anchored in relationship-based practices that support the needs of infants and caregivers to reach their greatest wellness.

Infant Mental Health FAQs

Which Ohio Infant Mental Health Credential level should I apply for?

Each level of the Ohio Infant Mental Health Credential has a different requirement. The chart below displays each level requirement.

Infant Mental Health Credential Levels

What is the work experience requirement and what documentation is needed to be included with the application?

Work experience for each level requires documentation of two years infant/early childhood work experience. The work experience can be included in the reference letters, a separate letter, or on a resume.

What are the required trainings for the IMH credential?

Trainings that meet the Infant Mental Health Credential requirements are available from several sources. On the OCCRRA training search, you can search for training topics using the competency area key words or phrases. You can filter for online training opportunities. ODJFS, ODE, OHMAS and other training organizations post training in the OCCRRA training search. You will also find applicable training from DODD here. ODH provides training through OHTrain.

How do I renew my Ohio Infant Mental Health Credential?

The Ohio Infant Mental Health Credential needs renewed every 2 years (or bi-annually). Renewal of the Ohio Infant Mental Health Credential will require completion of 15 clock hours in the core competency areas with at least one clock hour for each core competency content area: relationship-based education, infant observation, social emotional development, cultural, linguistic and trauma informed competency. More information can be found in the Ohio Infant Mental Health Renewal Guidance document on the right-hand side of the screen.