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Instructor & Professional Development Events

OCCRRA manages the Ohio Approval Instructor process as well as the Ohio Approval Professional Development process. The Ohio Approval Instructor process ensures that instructors delivering professional development through the Ohio Professional Registry have the education and experience to deliver high quality professional development. The Ohio Approval Professional Development process ensures that professional development events listed in the Ohio Professional Registry are of high quality to maximize the education of professionals throughout the state as they deliver services to children and families. Visit your Registry profile to apply for Ohio Approval.


How do I access the Instructor application?

It is located under the Applications section in your Registry profile, within the dark blue bar across the middle of your profile page. It will be available once your transcripts have been verified by the Registry team.




What are the qualifications/requirements to become an Ohio Approved Instructor?

Please see the Ohio Approved Instructor Application User Guide for information on requirements. The user guide is linked below.

Instructor Resources

Instructor Application guidance 09.23   PDF   /   6 Pages


Professional Development Events

What is the difference between Ohio Approved and Not for Ohio Approved?

Ohio Approved (OA) designation represents the state’s consolidated professional development process for high quality professional development. Professional Development designated as Ohio Approved is recognized by the state agencies to meet their requirement for specified credentials, certificates, licensures, licensing rules/regulations, programs, projects, and initiatives.

Ohio Approved PD is to expand and scaffold the knowledge and skills of early care and education and school-age professionals and professionals in child-serving agencies, to influence practice and increase the quality of care, learning, and development of children as a whole.

Events that are not designated as Ohio Approved (Non-OA) can be offered and scheduled on Ohio’s Professional Registry (OPR) and may be eligible for in-service hours for licensing compliance and accepted by a credentialing agency. These events represent basic and foundational knowledge and include licensing required PD: Child Abuse, Communicable Disease, CPR, First Aid; basic health and safety, staff meetings, orientations, policies and procedures, “How-to” instructional training/tutorials, and content for informational purposes.


How do I submit content?

These resources can help you submit your content.


Training Organization

How do I know if I have access to a training organization?

If you have a training organization or have access to a training organization dashboard, this option will appear in the drop-down under your name at the top of your profile page. If you do not see the training organization dashboard as an option, please see the Training Organization Dashboard User Guide.

Training Organization Dashboard guidance 09.23   PDF   /   22 Pages
What is a Training Organization?

A Training Organization is the portal through which PD Event applications, for both OA and Non-OA, are created and submitted for review by the OCCRRA Approval Review Team. Other functions of the training organization
dashboard include:
• Scheduling Professional Development (PD) Events for posting on the Ohio Professional Registry (OPR)
• Managing PD event registrations and attendance
• Managing instructors
If you are not already associated with a training organization, you must apply to be a Training Organization to create, submit, and post PD events.

Training Organization Resources


AT vs ST

AT stands for “available training” and is the unique six-digit identifier. The AT number is auto generated when a PD Event has been created and cannot be changed.

ST stands for “scheduled training” and is the unique eight-digit number assigned when a PD Event is scheduled. An ST is for a specific time and date and can only be used for the time and date specified when the ST is originally created. For new events, a new ST must be created by scheduling a new event. Editing the information in the ST after attendance is verified will alter the professional’s PD record. This is the reason you cannot use the same ST for different events.

How do I mark attendance for my PD Event?

Attendance is verified and finalized in the event’s ST. For more information on managing the attendance of a PD Event, please see the Training Organization Dashboard User Guide.

Training Organization Dashboard guidance 09.23   PDF   /   22 Pages
Managing Registration

To view those participants who have registered through their OPR profile, go to Session Details section of the ST, the roster and the sign in sheet are available in the drop-down drawer for each session.

You may view the participants’ contact information on the Sign In/Out sheet and use this information to contact each participant.

Scheduling/Managing Resources

Schedule and Manage PD Event 09.23   PDF   /   11 Pages