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School-Age Endorsement

The School-Age Endorsements support school-age professionals in obtaining age-specific training and classroom experience to meet SUTQ requirements and the needs of school-age children.

School-Age Endorsement FAQs

Does the School-Age Endorsement provide points towards my CPL?

The School-Age Endorsement does not provide any points in the current CPL model.

Why can’t I apply for the School-Age Endorsement Level III?

The School-Age Endorsements are issued in succession. You must apply for and be approved for the SAE level I, next, the SAE level II and then the SAE level III will be available.

What does “selected Ohio Approved Professional Development” courses mean?

Any Ohio Approved trainings will count towards the extra hours required for the School-Age Endorsement level II and III or the renewal.

How do I renew the School-Age Endorsement?

The renewal requirements include completion of the required training, Inclusion Umbrella Strategies for School-Age Programs: Supporting Children of Diverse Backgrounds and Needs, three additional OA hours of trainings and a letter of work experience stating the required number of hours for each level that were completed during the time frame from issuance of the initial endorsement.

Ohio School-Age Professional Endorsement