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OCCRRA manages the Ohio Approval Instructor process to ensure instructors delivering professional development through the Ohio Professional Registry have the education and experience to deliver high quality professional development. Visit your Registry profile to apply to be an Ohio Approved Instructor.

Instructor FAQs


What are the qualifications and requirements to become an Ohio Approved Instructor?

Please see the Ohio Approved Instructor Application User Guide for information on requirements. It is linked in the Resources to the right of the screen.

What do I need to submit to be an Ohio Approved Instructor?

Instructors must have the following verified in their profile: Associate Degree or higher in the education section (official transcripts must be uploaded for verification), and Employment with start and end dates with primary role.

A completed Instructor application must be submitted for review. This may be found under the Applications tab within your profile.

How do I access the Instructor application?

It is located under the Applications tab in your Registry profile, within the dark blue bar across the middle of your profile page. It will be available once your transcripts have been verified by the Registry team.

If I am an Ohio Approved instructor, does that mean all the PD events that I instruct count for Step Up To Quality?

No, it does not. A PD Event must be submitted and approved before it is designated as Ohio Approved.

I am trying to enter my employment and education in the instructor application. Why won’t it accept it?

The relevant education and employment fields import information from your profile, and they are click-only; you cannot type in these fields. If you do not see relevant information listed here, go back to your profile, and make the updates in the Education and/or Employment sections.

Detailed guidelines are available under the Resources section of the OCCRRA website within the OPR User Guides.

How will I know if my instructor application is approved?

Notifications regarding instructor application status appear at the notifications flag at the top of your profile home page. Upon approval, you will have an Instructor tab in your profile.

I am bringing in a speaker from out of state to train my staff. Does he/she have to complete an instructor application?

Not necessarily. If they are presenting content for a one-time, special event they do not. However, the PD Event will still need to be submitted for Ohio Approval review, and a Curriculum Vitae (CV) or resume for the speaker must be uploaded to the Instructional Materials section within the PD Event submission.

I submitted an instructor application over a month ago. Why haven’t I heard anything?

The application review process can take up to 30 business days. This does not include weekends or holidays.

What does an instructor Level 1, 2, or 3 mean?

The instructor approvals are aligned to Ohio’s Early Childhood Core Knowledge and Competencies and are based on experience in the field. Level 1 denotes Entry Level, Level 2 denotes Experienced, and Level 3 denotes Advanced. The Ohio Approved Policy for Instructors lists the requirements for each level and may be viewed below, on page 3. These are the same levels that align to the content plan in the Ohio Approved PD Event.

Ohio Approved PD – Policy For Instructors   PDF   /   9 Pages
My profile shows my CPL as Level 5, but my instructor level is 3. What is the difference?

The Career Pathways Level (CPL) model provides a common, point based system for all Ohio early care and education and afterschool professionals to quantify their professional growth and accomplishments to define and assist with professional advancement. A professional’s CPL is assigned using a calculation containing formal education, experience, and current credentials. Total points achieved determine one of six professional levels. It is not used to determine instructor approval.