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One-Time Pandemic Support Payment

OCCRRA is excited about the opportunity to support Governor DeWine’s One-Time Pandemic Support Payment initiative.

In December 2020, Congress passed the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2021. The Act provided Ohio with funding to help support professionals with the pandemic. As a result, ODJFS created the One-Time Pandemic Support Payment.

One-Time Pandemic Support Payment FAQs

Am I eligible for One-Time Pandemic Support Payment?

ODJFS Licensed Center-Based, Type A and Type B Family Child Care Programs that are open, and operating are eligible for this payment. Programs must have been licensed, opened, and operating as of 5/27/2021 in order to receive this One-Time Pandemic Support Payment.

How do I apply to receive the One-Time Pandemic Support Payment?

There is not an application to apply for these funds.  Your program will receive these funds based on information provided by ODJFS.

What does my program need to do to receive these funds?

If your program did not receive a Pandemic Support Payment Grant(s) in June – October 2020, OCCRRA will need you to complete a W-9 and upload it your Organization Dashboard in the Ohio Professional Registry.  If your program did receive checks from OCCRRA for Pandemic Support Payment Grants, no further action is needed.

How do I request access to the OPR Organization Dashboard if I don’t already have it?

Program Administrators and Owners listed on the ODJFS program license will need Organization Dashboard access to upload their program’s W-9 form. If you do not have access, you may request it by emailing the professional’s name, their OPIN and the program license number to registry@occrra.org.

How and when can I expect to receive my payments?

Payments will be sent by check to the program address in the OPR. Payments to programs will start in mid-July 2021.

How do I make sure my W-9 will be accepted?

To expedite the acceptance of your W-9, please make sure the following is completed.

  • Be sure to upload the signed and dated W-9 form into the Organization Dashboard by July 15, 2021.
  • Provide only one Tax Identification Number, either a Social Security Number or Employer Identification Number (EIN). For these funds, please default to an EIN if your program has one.
  • When using the IRS template, please make sure your edits have been saved to the document before attempting to upload. Blank W-9s will be returned for completion.
Is there a deadline to provide a program’s W-9 Information?

Yes, programs must upload their W-9, if applicable, by July 15, 2021. Programs without W-9 information will forfeit the One-Time Program Payment.

Are there requirements on how the program spends these funds?

There are not any requirements on how the funds should be spent.

Is there a reconciliation that must be completed for these funds?

No, a reconciliation is not a requirement of these funds.

Is the money from the One-Time Program Payment taxable?

OCCRRA does not provide tax advice and encourages programs to reach out to your tax preparer regarding tax questions. OCCRRA follows the IRS guidance and will generate a Form 1099 for these funds. One-Time Program Payment Funding is from the Federal Stimulus funding in 2021, CFDA #93.575. Currently, the IRS has not provided guidance that these Stimulus funds are not taxable.

Guidance Documents

One-TimePandemicSupportProgramPayment FAQ 5-25-21-FINAL   PDF   /   2

May 2021 Pandemic Support Payments Centers (05/26/2021)   PDF   /   2 Pages

May 2021 Pandemic Support Payments FCC (05/26/2021)   PDF   /   1 Page

One-Time Program Payment W-9 Uploader User Guide   PDF   /   3 Pages

If you have additional questions that are not addressed above, please use the Contact Us page for assistance.